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Web Application Development Services

"Complexity delivered in a simple solution - creating powerful web applications capable of heavy lifting".

RPRD GROUP uses structured framework programming, best programming practices, coding guidelines and standards. As the technology advances and the programming landscape changes to accomodate the world's growing technological needs, RPRD GROUP constantly evaluates the latest trends in the development community. We improve ourselves to provide our clients the best possible development solutions.

RPRD GROUP Advantages :

1). No outsourcing.

2). Structured Framework and Architectural Pattern Development.

3). Model-View-Controller (MVC) - Isolating Program Logic and Actions from Layout and Design is an advantage that allows multiple and alternate interface designs that all use the same base code and logic, reducing development time and testing.

4). Coding Guidelines and Standards.

5). Clean code and APIs.

6). Multi-browser compatibility.

7). Highly maintainable code.

8). Solid Version Control System.

9). User friendly Interfaces.

10). Performance, load, and stress testing.

11). Staying up-to-date with the latest technology.

Web Application Frameworks

RPRD GROUP has built its own framework, based on comprehensive research of the most advanced frameworks. The RPRD GROUP Framework uses the best, most advanced architecture for versatility and future growth; object-oriented best practices; simplicity and a comprehensive code base...

RPRD GROUP also works with its clients to select an appropriate programming framework based on each client's requirements

Below are a list of some of the web application frameworks that RPRD GROUP specializes in:

1). Laravel PHP Framework.

2). Phalcon PHP Framework.

3). Symfony PHP Framework.

4). Django Python Framework.

5). Yii PHP Framework.

6). CodeIgniter PHP Framework.

7). Zend PHP Framework.

8). Kohana PHP Framework.

9). Ruby on Rails.

10). .NET Framework.

JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks :

RPRD GROUP is specialized in the following JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks, and works with its clients to select the JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks that are well suited to each client's needs:

1). jQuery.

2).Dojo Toolkit.


4).Ext JS.



7).Google Web Toolkit.

8).Google Closure Library.





Programming Languages:

RPRD GROUP is specialized in the following programming languages and works with its clients to select a programming language that is well suited to each client's needs:









Applications :

Since the early days of the Internet, RPRD GROUP has been building interactive, dynamic and enterprise level web applications...

One of RPRD GROUP's greatest strengths is versatility. RPRD GROUP is experienced in all cutting-edge web application technologies such as:

1).Content Management Systems.

2).E-Commerce Development.

3).Social Networking Development.

4).Online Reservations Booking and Ticketing.

5).Interactive Games.

6).Educational Web Applications.

7).Online Training and Courses.

8).Project Management Applications.

9).Inventory Management.

10).Online Discussion Forums.

11)• Blogs and Forums.

12).Web Conference Applications.

13).Non-profit Donation Applications.

14).HR Web Application.

15).Online Test Series .