PHP-MYSQL Development

PHP-MYSQL Development


PHP : Hypertext Pre-processor is a widely used, general purpose scripting language that was originally designed for web development to produce web site and can be embedded into HTML. As PHP is an open source language, a number of libraries and extensions are available that can add value and functionality to it and PHP code in a requested file is executed by the PHP runtime, usually to create or develop dynamic web page content..

MySQL : is a relational database management system (RDBMS) that runs as a server providing multi-user access to a number of databases. MySQL is one of the most famous databases which offer fast and consistent performance. Many web applications use MySQL as the database component of a LAMP software stack. Its popularity for use with web applications is closely tied to the popularity of PHP, which is often combined with MySQL..

The Advantages of PHP/MySQL include :

1). It is compatible with all operating system and browsers (cross platform compatibility).

2). It provides high performance and speed. In PHP, everything runs in PHP's memory space. This means that PHP code will run faster because there is no overhead of communicating with different COM objects in different processes.

3). Features native support for most popular databases.

4). Multi-language support.

5). Configuring PHP or installing specific libraries is relatively easy.

6). PHP installations are cheaper as compared to other options, and PHP runs great on Linux which is free.

We suggest PHP to clients for fast development and fast loading time. As mentioned above, PHP is an open source programming language and it is available with the GNU Public license. There are many open source libraries available on PHP which helps customers to integrate fast and easy solutions. We believe in keeping our PHP web solutions simple; yet the web or software development process can be a complex task. If you are thinking for having a good web site with attractive look that can give you higher performance then FlexOrbits PHP Application Development can serve your purpose..

Our PHP/MySQL Development Services :

1). PHP/MySQL e-Commerce website.

2). PHP/MySQL Website Development.

3). PHP/MySQL Rapid Application Development.

4). PHP/MySQL Custom application Development.

5). PHP/MySQL Business application development.

6). PHP/MySQL Online Shopping Cart Development.

7). PHP/MySQL Custom web application development.

8). PHP/MySQL Content Management System Development.

9). PHP/MySQL Open Source Customer Relationship Management Development.

PHP is an open source solution :

The widely recognized benefits of open source software include the availability of source code, wide support communities and existing code libraries. Many small and medium-sized web applications are built using open source software, PHP and MySQL. The biggest reason is simple; they can dramatically reduce your development and long-term maintenance costs.

Complex web sites and portals often use PHP content management systems. Those systems rely on MySQL as a database.

Some examples include :

1). WordPress - started as a blogging platform, but now is a fully featured Website CMS, with thousands of available plugins and unlimited possibilities.

2). Joomla - a well-known CMS that is used by millions of websites.

3). Magento - a popular and respected e-commerce platform that is also run on PHP and MySQL..

4). Drupal - a platform that is best suited for building portals and communities.

MYSQL Database :

PHP works well when paired with a MySQL database. Soon after the PHP language was created, a few modules were written to simplify working with databases. These modules make it easy and efficient to work with MySQL databases in PHP. MySQL is built to be easy to use and has obtained wide support among developers.

A common alternative to MySQL is PostgreSQL . PostgreSQL more closely resembles enterprise databases such as Oracle. PostgreSQL is the world’s most advanced Open Source database. It includes support for parallel queries, performance enhancements to Foreign Data Wrappers, multiple synchronous standbys and much, much more.

PHP code can also be written in an object-oriented fashion using tools that are built into the language, so it can also work well with object relational databases.

What is LAMP stack ?

LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP, and provides a web development platform that uses only open-source software..

The LAMP Stack includes :

1). A Linux based web server.

2). An Apache web server.

3). A MySQL Database.

4). A PHP programming platform.

Some of the top web development companies use LAMP stack to create dynamic and creative web sites and applications for their customers. This environment assists PHP developers by providing technologies that work well together to provide the needed services for web-based applications.

PHP Security

Security is of paramount importance to any web-based application, including PHP apps. This is especially true if you store some type of business-sensitive data or your client's details.

Open source solutions tend to suffer from opportunistic attacks more than other systems. Since their code is open anyone can explore the codebase and attempt to find a back door.

For well-known solutions, updates and patches are issued more or less immediately in response to security complaints. It is important to update them regularly. Maintenance of PHP websites is imperative, so you need to create an ongoing relationship with your PHP developer.

As PHP is easy to learn, there are many PHP developers out there with very basic knowledge of the language. They can create basic interactive features by copying and pasting the code from reference websites or by modifying existing components. Needless to say that this sort of approach will create a solution with security problems.

PHP web sites can be built with high levels of security in mind. To achieve this you will require a more experienced technical team who understand all aspects of security and security testing.

PHP Web Application Performance :

PHP is known for fast performance even on moderately specified hardware. When your PHP website or web application fails to perform due to a large number of users many business people will tell you that it is a good problem to have. We would suggest that it is only a good problem if you know how to fix it.

Many PHP website projects are built by web design companies with very limited technical skills. The site can look good and be usable, but when it comes to good architecture, security, and scalability it can fail. You might need to find a more technical provider who has better ideas about performance tuning.

We are experienced in designing high load applications and in performance tuning of PHP web applications..

Hosting options for PHP and MySQL :

Even the cheapest shared hosting offerings have provision for PHP and MySQL. Monthly service costs can start as per requirement and this approach can be used for simple web sites that require few resources. For complex and demanding web sites this can easily be scaled up to a more robust solution like AWS (Amazon Web Services) hosting, which uses a cloud solution to provide computing resources..