RPRD GROUP company profile

Work Culture :

We have a vision of where we want to go. To achieve our vision, we firmly believe that the quality and commitment of our employees is a major reason for our growth and success. RPRD GROUP offers a growth-oriented career with the opportunity to learn, experiment, grow and contribute. We seek quality professionals to further our energy, innovation and ideas to add value to our team. At RPRD GROUP, we value each talent, their individuality. As a web development company, we have interesting work and so we like interesting people to be a part of our professional family. We are proactive in offering support and are always ready to understand and accept concerns of our valued work force. We do not believe in being mechanical; rather, we like innovation and out of the box solutions, even if it comes at a cost of considerable laziness. Like every other growing organization, we do love team spirit, great skills and dedication from our team members. Being open to feedback is instilled in our everyday routine and so we ensure to offer employees an environment that help them grow professionally and as individual. We believe that happy workforce radiates positive energy which eventually boosts business and so we like to keep our employees happy on the floor.


Are you ready for a career and not just a job? Looking for a company that values its employees as its most important asset? If these are traits you expect from your employer, then we at RPRD GROUP can meet or exceed your expectations....

At RPRD GROUP you do not work but BUILD the Future!!..?

1. Challenging, motivating and exciting organizational and work culture provides an environment conducive to personal and professional development..

2. RPRD GROUP is a team with a Shared Vision having the Right Attitude, the Right Nerve, Right Goals, Right Leadership, Right Experience and Right Research. A career at ANGLER is built on mutual trust and commitment. We provide the right environment with focus on high levels of motivation, empowerment and recognition. High levels of performance and constant technological upgradations give the much needed competitive edge in enhancing professional skills and in meeting the relevant market expectations..

3. RPRD GROUP'S passion for learning and sharing idea.

4. Committed to delivering results in every environment.

5. Delighting the clients we serve by exceeding their expectations.

6. Ensuring exceptional quality in every aspects and attention to details.

Our Commitment to our employees includes:..?

1. A workplace where they feel like putting in their best efforts and deliver amazing results.

2. Due recognition to their efforts that eventually contributes to the growth of the organization.

3. Fair practices that allows them to focus their attention on their work rather than unproductive resentments.

4. Great work and personal life balance with carefully planned leave and holiday policies.

How You Benefit..?

"To be a trusted and reliable software development company with bottom line profits go hand in hand. To establish this company as a premier software solutions company, dedicated to innovative yet pragmatic offerings, which provide sustained competitive advantage to its global customers?"

1. Get access to PHP programmers adept in SDLC, Database Designing.

2. Hire experts of Codeignitor, Zend, YI, CI at your own terms.

3. You can also chose a mixed team as per varied requirement.

4. Get full access to source code and reselling rights to third parties.

5. You do not require training resources before they deliver.

6. Our programmers are regularly trained for industry updates.

7. No start up or maintenance costs or taxes.

8. We offer 24 Hours online support (Email, Phone, IM)

9. Daily and weekly working reporting as per your need.

10. Stay connected with our PHP developers through email, chat, IM for regular updates.

11. Get a favorable and secure development environment.

12. No hidden charges, terms, conditions and other catches.