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Social Audit :

The comprehensive list of companies are given below who are involved in social audit and certification. These companies are adhered to internationally recognized standards for social and ethical compliance. Most of the companies have their independent qualified auditors who assess various segments such as workplace health, child and forced labor, discrimination, management systems and others..

Social audits are important for many companies and these companies give specialized social audit & certification services for CSR projects. Avail the facilities such as Schedule Meeting, Call Me Free, Send SMS or Send E-mail and get in touch with the proficient companies of the domain..

Benefits at a RPRD GROUP :

Our services of social audit and social impact assessment can help to :

1). Validate that corporate social responsibility programs meet their intended purpose and objectives.

2). Enhance efficiency and effectiveness of CSR projects through structured, value-added social audit and feedback mechanisms.

3). Align CSR programs with a structured, process-based international management system framework and a set of social best practices.

4). Increase asset values through exhaustive CSR program documentation.

5). Fulfill CSR project stakeholder expectations and ensure compliance with the Companies Act 2013 (or New Companies Bill).

Please contact us at RPRD GROUP to learn more about how our services of social audit and social impact assessment can benefit your company.